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Kestrel CMS

Building on the Kestrel Framework is Kestrel CMS, a robust, loosely-coupled Content Management System written in Object-Oriented PHP.

Like Kestrel framework, we designed and built Kestrel CMS in a partnership with industry leaders like Pentagram Design, Terrain Design and BrickSF.

Based on our combined experience building custom Content Management Systems for literally thousands of database-driven Websites, we designed this scalable and robust CMS solution.

Although we've used it primarily with MySQL, Kestrel CMS was designed to work with any database that supports ANSI SQL and open-connectivity standards.

It leverages best-in-class OpenSource tools like  JQuery and CK Editor and technologies like AJAX and JSON to provide a full Web 2.0 feature-set.

Unlike entry-level Content Management Systems such as Drupal and WordPress, Kestrel CMS is a loosely-coupled enterprise-level solution. This means that the design, user experience and database schema of your Website will never be constrained by the CMS in any way. Kestrel CMS allows your Website to scale in terms of both traffic and functionality.

Kestrel CMS is designed to run in the "cloud". We'll set it up and manage it for you, allowing you to focus on managing your content and your customer experience.

Like Kestrel framework, Kestrel CMS is not freely-distributed, but we provide the source code with licensed copies and we offer a single-use license for free with any custom Web Development project.